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LINE 2.0 Membership

Per Executive Order 2013-02, members of the LINE Commission 2.0 are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The Commission is staffed by the Office of the Governor and Idaho Department of Commerce.


  • Brad Little - Lt. Governor (CO-CHAIRMAN)
  • John Grossenbacher - (CO-CHAIRMAN)
  • Dr. Steven Aumeier - Director, Center for Advanced Energy Studies
  • Seth Beal - Commissioner, Butte County
  • Marcus Coby¬†- Shoshone-Bannock Tribes
  • Dr. Rebecca Casper - Mayor, City of Idaho Falls
  • Larry Craig - Retired, United States Senate
  • Bart Davis - Majority Leader, Idaho State Senate
  • Jeff Feeler - President and CEO, U.S. Ecology
  • Steve Laflin - President and CEO, International Isotopes
  • Dr. Janet Nelson - Vice President for Research & Economic Development, University of Idaho
  • Dr. Mark Peters - Director, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Megan Ronk - Director, Idaho Commerce
  • Dr. Mark Rudin - Vice President for Research & Economic Development, Boise State University
  • Dr. Robert Smith - Associate Vice President, University of Idaho
  • Jeff Thompson - Member, Idaho House of Representatives
  • John Tippets - Director, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
  • Dr. Cornelis (Neels) Van der Schyf - Vice President for Research, Idaho State University
  • Cally Younger - Legal Counsel to the Governor, State of Idaho


  • Scott Bedke - Speaker, Idaho House of Representatives
  • John Revier - Director of State & Regional Government Affairs, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Dr. John Rusche - Minority Leader, Idaho House of Representatives
  • Brian Whitlock - President & CEO, Idaho Hospital Association

LINE 2.0 Commission members with Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter at the Idaho Capitol.