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The LINE 2.0 Commission may appoint subcommittees as necessary to research and complete its scope of work. The following are the current LINE 2.0 Subcommittees. The members labeled with "LINE" after their names are currently part of the LINE 2.0 Commission.

Research Development, Demonstration and Deployment Members:
1. Mark Peters (LINE)
2. Janet Nelson (LINE)
3. Neels Van der Schyf (LINE)
4. John Wagner
5. Shannon Bragg-Sitton
6. Chris Colbert
7. Rebecca Casper (LINE)
8. John Grossenbacher (LINE)
9. Steve Laflin (LINE)
10. Doug Sayer

Safety, Environment and Risks Members:
1. Mark Rudin (LINE)
2. Steve Laflin (LINE)
3. Rebecca Casper (LINE)
4. Bob Smith
5. Talia Martin (LINE)
6. Fred Hughes (LINE)
7. Kerry Martin
8. John Rusche

Workforce and Education Members:
1. Amy Lientz
2. Rick Aman
3. Bobbi Jo Meuleman (LINE)
4. Noel Bakhtian (LINE)
5. Marc Skinner
6. Lyle Castle
7. Wendy Horman (LINE)
8. Hope Morrow
9. Don Roth
10. Dana Kirkham
11. Greg Roach

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